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Our beginnings
Sobre nosotros

We both grew up in small populations, him on an island of only 26 square kilometres, while I on a very small village in rural Spain. We grew up surrounded by nature, and enjoying it to the fullest.

Curiosity led us both to work as researchers in the fields of biology and technology, we had to leave our comfort zone to go study, and then participate in various international research projects all over the world. As our careers grew, our energy diminished.

While we thought we had achieved some sort of balance between work and personal time, we were missing the simple things from our childhoods, such as real, natural, and nutritious foods, and simple personal care products.

The problem
Laboratorio cosmético

We were looking for ways to take care of ourselves with natural products, but found several barriers:

  1. Products were not as as “natural” as stated.
  2. Their price was way higher compared to the quality of the ingredients we used to have growing up.
  3. Most of the products were made by foreign companies, leading the products to suffer through longer storage time due to transport.
  4. Zero waste products ended up having a high carbon footprint or were not fully environmentally friendly throughout their manufacture.
  5. Raw materials were far from being locally sourced, despite the great benefits known for products from the Mediterranean coast, especially in a moment where our natural and rural assets are being lost.
The solution
Agricultoras en olivar

We started our life project with the mission:

“Help you take care of yourself with natural products, that are fresh, locally sourced, environmentally friendly, and support local farmers“.

Using our knowledge and passion we set out to build a natural cosmetic, personal hygiene, as well as household cleaning products laboratory in our small 5000 people town. We set out to:

The end result
  1. Collaborate with small scale growers and farmers to obtain local and fresh raw materials.
  2. Collaborate with artisans for the elaboration of accessories to our products, promoting local scale economy, always from an environmentally friendly
  3. Develop and produce all of our formulas in small batches, with special care and attention, using facilities and procedures according to European safety and quality standards.
  4. Further research and development initiatives to promote sustainable, consistent, and responsible use of natural resources promoting local economy never forgetting our mission to take care of you with natural products.


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Natural cosmetics and natural personal hygiene

Natural cosmetics and natural personal hygiene products that are effective, easy to use, and tailored to you.

Online and in-person training

Training on natural cosmetics, natural household products, at home circular economy, and many more.
Equipo de La Marihuela

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