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In this space you can find information relating to legal terms and conditions between you as us as responsible for this web. Como usuario, es importante que conozcas estos términos antes de continuar tu navegación.

La Marihuela and Esther Alvarez González (VAT ES03867109G, Calle Mejico, 6, 1º B, 45004, Toledo), as responsible for this web, assume responsibility of treating all of our users and client information according to national and european regulations regardind compilation and use of personal data. This website comlpies with RGPD (REGULATION(UE) 2016/679 data protection) and LSSI-CE Ley 34/2002, 11th July, services from the society for information and e-commerce.



This General Conditions regulate the use (including only access) of the website, components of, contents and services within. Every person who accesses the website , (“User”) accepts the current General Conditions of

Intellectual Property Rights

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The Company will use commercially reasonable efforts to enable the online course to be accessible, except for scheduled maintenance and required repairs, and except for any interruption due to causes beyond the reasonable control of, or not reasonably foreseeable by the Company.


Personal data communicated by the user to a could be stored in automated databases, whose ownership belongs to Who assumes all of the technical, organisational, confidentiality, and information quality meassures contained wherein in accordance with current data protection regulations.
Communication between users and uses a secure channel encrypted via https protocols, therefore, it guarantees the best safety conditions to ensure the confidentiality of the user.

COMPLAINS informs that reclamation forms are available to users and clients The user can start a complaint by requesting a complaint form, or writting to with their name, last names, service or product purchased, and outlining their complaint.

The User/buyer can notify us about their complaint at the following email: Or, if desired, by attaching the following: Service/product, date of purchase, User name, User address, Signature (if attaching a scanned document), complaint motive.


If it is of interest, you can visit the European Commission conflict resolution platafom at:


In accordance to paragraph second, articles 8 and 32.1, of the Intellectual Property Law, it is strictly prohibited to copy, distribute, publicly communicate even including access availability, of any and all of the contents in this website with commercial purpose in any means or by any technical means, without written consent from The User agrees to respect the Intelectual and Industrial Property Rights of
The user acknowledges and accepts the entirety of the content within the website comprising in a non exhaustive manner, the text, software, contents (including structure, selection, order and showing), podcasts, photos, audiovisual material, and graphs. These are protected by labels, author copyright, and other legitimate copyrights, in accordance to international treaties that Spain belongs to, and other intellectual property laws and regulations in Spain. If a User, or third party, considers that there has been breach in their intellectual copyright rights due to any content in our web, they should notify indicating:

  • Personal information regarding the owner of the copyright in question, or whether the person is acting on behalf of a third party
  • Show the copyrighted contents, and their location in the website, ownership of the copyright, and a statement declaring the veracity of the information given in the notice


Web-pages from, can include links to web-content copyrighted to others. The only purpose of these links is to allow the User to access these links. does not take any responsibility of the outcome of any User using these links.
Similarly, the User will find within this website, pages, promotions, and affiliate links that use the Users navigation history to establish User profiles This information is anonymous, and never identifies the User

Information provided by these sponsored sites, or affiliate links is subject to privacy regulations affecting these sites, not our privacy policy. We, therefore, recommend Users to review in detail the privacy policies of affiliated sites.

Any User wishing to add any type of link from their site to must first obtain written consent from Establishing the link does not imply, in any case, the existence of any relationship between and the site hosting the link, nor acceptance by of their contents or services.


Our website allows comments to enrich content, as well as request information. Comments not in line with the discussion topic will not be allowed, including insults, ad hominem attacks, defamation, grievances, or any lack of respect in general towards the author or other members. Comments containing information that is false or misleading, as well as those containing personal information such as private addresses or phone numbers in violation with our data protection policies will be deleted.

In a similar manner, comments created only to promote a website, person, collective, or anything considered spam, will also be deleted.

Anonymous comments are not allowed, the same as comments made by the same person using distinct aliases. Comments aimed at forcing a debate, or forcing the position of another user will not be considered.


The service provider does not give any warranty, or takes any responsibility, in any case, for damages, or any kind of perjuries caused by:

  • The lack of availability, maintenance, and functioning of the web, services, or contents;
  • The existence of viruses, malware, or injurious contents;
  • Illicit, negligent, contrary, or fraudulent use to this Legal Advice;
  • Lack of legality, quality, credibility, utility, and availability of the services given by third parties, and given to users of this website.
  • The service provider does not take any responsibility, under any circumstance, of the damages that could result from the illegal or improper use of this website.


With general character, relationships between and the Users of the e-services available in this website, are under legislation and jurisdiction of Spain and its tribunals.


Should any user have any question about these Legal Conditions, or any comment regarding the website, they can

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