General sale conditions


  1. This general conditions expressly regulate commercial relationships between La Marihuela and particular users, who by means of the website (the website henceforth) purchase the products that La Marihuela (Esther Alvarez Gonzalez, VAT ES03867109G, address: Calle Mejico, 6, 1º B, 45004, Toledo, Spain), offers at any time to particular users specifically for on-line sales.
  2. These general conditions have been made in accordance to Ley 34/2002, 11th June, of the Services Society of Information and E-commerce, Law 7/1998 General Contractual Conditions, Legislative Royal Decree 1/2007, 16th November, by which the Text of the General Law for Consumer and User Defense, other complimentary laws, and law 7/1996 15th January Ordinance of Retail Commerce.
  3. Esther Álvarez González can unilaterally modify, at any moment, the configuration and content of these General Conditions. Notwithstanding, the General Conditions in effect during a particular transaction will be applied at the moment of formalization.
  4. The terms and conditions applied to the purchase of any of the offered products by La Marihuela by means of its website will be all of these described in these General Conditions, and that will be further detailed during the process of on-line shopping. By using the website, Users declare knowledge and acceptance of any of the requirements to access any of the products offered by the website, as well as formalizing their purchase.



  1. The owner of this site, and therefore the seller is Esther Alvarez González, NIF 03867109G y and address at (45191) Nambroca, calle Encinas, nº 6 with the following e-mail:
  2. To be able to purchase from this website it will be necessary that Costumers start an order by selecting a product and indicating the desired quantity.


  1. La Marihuela will publish, next to the image of any of their products for sale at the website, a picture, description, as well as sale price.
  2. Prices in the website will include all applicable taxes to any product, as well as any other tax they would be subject to.
  3. Price of each product does not include shipping to the costumer. In any case, shipping costs will be responsibility of the Customer, these costs might be variable.
  4. If any item is out of stock, La Marihuela will indicate so by the product.
  5. La Marihuela reserves the right to make changes to the products, prices, promotions, and any other condition within
  6. At La Marihuela we try to ensure that the information in the website is true and free from typos. Should there be any typos, despite La Marihuela’s efforts, these should be corrected when noted. Should any client choose to make a purchase based on a typo, the team at La Marihuela will inform him immediately about the error, having both parties the ability to cancel the sale as long as the existence of said typo can be demonstrated.
  7. La Marihuela offers descriptions and photographs of any of the products offered at, however, these images are for illustrative purposes and are not binding. La Marihuela reserves all right to modify products, either owned or made by third parties.


  1. The client should choose the product to be purchased, as well as indicate the desired quantity This information should be seen under “My account” and any requested information should be filled.
  2. The Client will receive the order confirmation to the email address previously specified by the Client.
  3. Order payment should be by means of PayPal, debit or credit card, or bank transfer. Bank transfers would only be possible as National transfers within Spain, in any other instances bank transfers shall not be accepted.


  1. Once the Client has created an account, by giving all requested information, or by logging in to a previously created account, all purchased classes will be available.
  2. Delivery time is immediate, unless when payment is by bank transfer, as the order will not be processed until payment has been received, this can take 3-4 days after purchase.


  1. If, once a product has been received the Client sees that the product is defective, the Client is entitled to requesting a substitution. The client should send an email to exposing their claim, receiving additional instructions to access the new content, independents of the responsibility established in article 123.1 of the Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, 6th of November approving the text for the General Law for the Defense of Users and Consumers. Said communication should be sent no latter than one week after receiving the product.
  2. In any case, the Client has a right to cancel the order, as long as this is done within 14 natural days of order arrival. For digital products, returns will not be processed if the Client has had access to over 25% of the digital content available. Payment returns, if approved, will be made in the same manner as payment.


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For any communication between Users and La Marihuela, regarding this General Conditions, or any other communication, the email: should be used.


Conflicts that may arise for the application of the present norms are regulated by the laws of Spain, and will be solved at the tribunals in Toledo.

Annex I. Order cancellation form

This form should only be filled if an order wants to be canceled. Filled form should be sent to

I, Mr/Ms_______________, of age and with address in ______, by this mean I inform you that I want to cancel order ______ dated _________.

Date and signature: