Ecological extractor mill of Mora, circular economy in the olive grove

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Ecological extractor mill of Mora, circular economy in the olive grove

The town of Mora,in the province of Toledo,represents one of the places with the greatest tradition in the cultivation of olive groves in the province. Located in this town, the company Ecomosa obtains an oil of the highest quality and also uses 100% of the by-products derived from the mill.

Only about 20% of the olive will be converted into oil. The derived by-products represent the remaining 80% which, in many occasions, have been a serious environmental problem due to the contamination of land and river channels. Ecomosa manages to reverse the situation by generating derived products with different uses, from the waste collected from the mills of the area, as well as neighboring provinces.

After the extraction of the oil, the surplus product that represents 80%, is called wet fat orujo or alperujo. Alperujo is, in turn, composed of olive bone, skin and remains of oil and alpechín, obtained from water from vegetation and water from the mills. From this sustainable process two new by-products are obtained: crude olive pomace oil and biomass.

Circular economy in the olive grove
Ecomosa, an example of the application of the circular economy in the olive grove

Crude olive pomace oil is suitable for food consumption after a refining process. As for biomass,it adopts a double format: either as a crushed olive bone and as a orujillo. The crushed olive bone is a fuel of low humidity and high caloric value, used by the company itself in the drying of the pomace, or for sale for domestic use.

The orujillo,presented in “pellet” format is a solid by-product that is obtained at the end of the extraction process of crude olive pomace oil. This element of biomass contains low humidity and high calorific value, so it is mainly used asbioenergy for power plants, as well as for obtaining the industrial heat needed by companies that need heat in their processes and, finally, for export as renewable biomass.

The Olive Grove
Ecomosa is a great family, standing out for its human team and its vocation for innovation

The company Ecomosa in business since the 1970s, maintains as a top priority, key to its success, the search for quality as well as values transmitted from generation to generation. It is undoubtedly a clear example of circular and sustainable economy,from an ecosystem of great cultural roots in the area such as the cultivation of olive groves. And all this thanks to a highly qualified human team, who carry out their daily tasks with efficiency and motivation.

Today, it stands out for its projects, and above all, for its dynamic, professional and innovative team.

In La Marihuela we believe in both organic production and circular economy, both of which are based on sustainable exploitation and respect for the rural environment. Therefore, you will find organically grown virgin oil and pomace oil in our products (cosmetic products and personal hygiene and home care products)

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