Noelia Garrido, the zero waste seamstress

Noelia Garrido
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Noelia Garrido, the zero waste seamstress

Noelia Garrido is a seamstress by vocation and family inheritance, specifically thanks to her grandparents. She has been sewing since she was very young and started in the art of crochet in 2010.

Something that characterizes Noelia is a childhood surrounded by nature and animals, which has led her to always be concerned about the environment and the care of it. This environment marked her professional and personal development, having trained as an environmental education monitor, being committed to real recycling (starting with the non-generation of waste) and being a vegetarian and environmentalist.

Her creative profile led her to study at the School of Art of Toledo, where she studied furnishing and interior decoration, a starting point where she began to give free rein to her innovative ideas that she develops today in Talavera de la Reina.

The vocation for the reduction of waste generation in the home, led Noelia to create Nohe Handmade,an initiative and a way of life dedicated to the artisanal manufacture of reusable products.

Nohe Handmade
Nohe Handmade, a life project

Nohe Handmade searches , design, creates and delivers practical solutions,always looking for them to be affordable, with quality materials and made with creative sewing, but it is also a life project, in which Noelia works doing what she loves (creating, designing and reusing) without giving up taking care of her children.

Nohe Handmade Products
Reusable textile, the best way not to generate waste.

At La Marihuela you will find many of the products of Nohe Handmade in our accessories section!

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