Iberluffa, an agroforestry project that recovers the cultivation of loofah

When nature and creativity come together, initiatives as interesting as the one carried out by Juan Carlos and Itzíar in Caldas de Reis, a prestigious thermal town in Pontevedra, are born. Iberluffa is a project that, as he himself defines, requires effort, time, preparation, good execution, and a healthy dose of enthusiasm.

Through their Iberian company of vegetable sponges, they offer us completely handmade products from the cultivation and treatment of loofah, (Luffa cylindrica, of the Cucurbitaceae family), a species of pumpkin widely used in Latin America (also known as vegetable sponge, gherkin or Estropajo Sponge (Colombia), Paste (Costa Rica), Buchados Paulistas (Brazil).

The fact that their products are of high quality is not by chance, but rather thanks to selection and genetic research, as well as the treatment of the fruits from their cultivation and harvesting in the field to the final finishing of the sponges.

Science and research are the main pillars at Ibérica de esponas vegetales

The values ​​of rural entrepreneurship are obvious, they help establish the population, create wealth in the natural environment and, also in this case, Juan Carlos and Itzíar do it with the utmost respect for nature,  combining their environment with their process incorporating, for instance, the goodness of the thermal waters at 43ºC that flow in Caldas de Reis, making their loofahs' unique for dermatological exfoliation.

luffa plantation
Luffa plantation in Caldas de Reis (Galicia)

The natural consequence of all this is that they achieve products that provide the best response to daily situations of personal and domestic hygiene, cosmetics, ranging from the care of a baby's delicate skin or atopic skin, to the unavoidable sponge for cleaning the dishes.

Due to the benefits that they present in themselves, such as the stimulation of blood circulation, the prevention of cellulite or capillary encystment, their 100% natural and biodegradable character, their already mentioned artisan production and their maximum respect for the environment, they represent a clear alternative to synthetic sponges.

Vegetable sponges help reduce the damage caused by the manufacture of industrial sponges obtained from cellulose, as well as the exploitation of sea sponges. In the former, because it requires the consumption of a large amount of energy and the use of chemical products for the decomposition of wood and the extraction of cellulose, while in the latter,because the process is very expensive and clearly harmful to the seas, specifically to the reefs where they grow up and which may be affected.

Luffa Products
Naturally grown luffa products.


The LUFFA sponge is not manufactured, it is cultivated in the earth naturally and reaches our hands thanks to the care of Juan Carlos and Itzíar .

At La Marihuela you can find Iberluffa products in our accessories section, both for personal care and household cleaning.

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