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And if I ask you to tell me?

Stories, poetry, music... and Maramor

The tides come and go, the tides move the bottles away, and these, over time, return the message, lovingly depositing it in the sand. And so, with that swing of life, La Marihuela has traveled new routes with old acquaintances, collaborating with Veleta Roja in the launch of their project “And if I ask you to tell me?” , funded through crowdfunding .

This project is a collection of books that brings home the magic of various experiences with Veleta Roja. And how do you get it? Because each book, in addition to the poems, stories and exquisite illustrations, has several QR codes that take you to audiovisual content to immerse yourself in a unique experience.

Covers of the book "Canturía: Arullos y poemas" (3D recreation)
Covers of the book "Canturía: Arullos y poemas" (3D recreation)

Each volume will have its own nature and identity, the first being “Canturía: Arrullos y poemas”, with texts by Aldo Méndez (Cuba), illustrations by Lucía Sarabia (Mexico) and music by Carlos Cano (Cuba) and Hernán Milla (Spain).

Each book will contain treasures from one side of the ocean to the other, created under the spark of ingenuity of different plastic artists.

Image and poem from the book "Canturía: Lullabies and poems"
Maramor, waves that lull

And so “Maramor” was born, a soap that evokes a trip across the Atlantic Ocean, a dream through the senses, a fantasy of stories and music. Inspired by the spirit of Veleta Roja's projects, it is part of the rewards of the crowdfunding campaign.

Cooing Waves Soap
Soap "Maramor, waves that lull"

The design of this soap represents the union of artists from both sides of the ocean, made with two oils, one from each continent: olive oil and extra virgin coconut, both organically produced, with the olive one from the Montes de Toledo.

It has an exclusive design that reproduces the tones, the freshness and the dynamism of the waves of the sea. Its blue and green tones convey the emotion of the trip, the vigor of freedom. It is produced in small series and made entirely by hand, without machinery, using drawing, shaping and carving techniques typical of master soap makers.

More about Red Weathervane
red weather vane

Veleta Roja is a collective of artists and educators based in Ciudad Real. Since 2011 he has developed a continuous scenic, recording and editorial activity, with special attention to families and children.

His publications have obtained international recognition such as the two Latin Grammy® nominations ("Canciones y Palabras Vol.1" and "Sonidos que cuenta" as best Music Album for Children) in 2016 and 2020, the Gold medal at the Global Music Awards, the Independent Music Award, the Akademia Award, the Melómano de Oro ("Por la Rivera de Paquito) and the Crescendo-RNE Award for Best Children's Album (Where light is born). In addition, Veleta Roja received in 2020 the Award Communication of the Cadena SER.

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