Curso presencial de Aromaterapia: la ciencia de los aceites esenciales y la teoría del perfume.

Natural Aromatherapy course: Science of essential oils, and perfume theory.

State: Open enrollment
Modality: In person
Teachers: La Marihuela technical staff

May 17, 18 and 19, 2024

    Price: Free
    Number of students: 20 students
    Location: CERSYRA. Del Vino 10, 1330, Valdepeñas (Ciudad Real)


    This course is organized by the CERSYRA Regional Institute for Agri-Food and Forestry Research and Development of Castilla La Mancha (IRIAF) and is co-financed by the European FEDER Fund.

    Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of natural aromatherapy with this course. You will learn from the scientific foundations to the practice of perfumery. You will explore essential oils, their composition and active ingredients, all with the help of studies and evidence on their applications. You will learn to recognize aromas and create your own personalized fragrances.

    Explore the importance of the sense of smell in human physiology and learn about the toxicology of essential oils, as well as the legal obligations for their marketing, and safe use. You will carry out guided practices, develop your olfactory sensitivity and enjoy the art of perfumery, creating your own perfumes or comfort aromas.

    CERSYRA Regional Institute for Agri-Food and Forestry Research and Development of Castilla La Mancha (IRIAF)


    May 17, 2024

    • Introduction to aromatherapy.
    • What science says, studies, evidence and examples applications.
    • Essential oils, composition and active ingredients.
    • Practice: Knowing the essential oils of the region: composition, active ingredients and traditional formulations.
    • Raw materials, forms of extraction, processing, by-products and value-added chain
    • Practice: preparation of a solid product (in pill form) with essential oils.

      May 18, 2024

      • Sense of smell in human physiology and its importance in health and well-being.
      • Therapeutic effects of aromatherapy: influence of aromas on the nervous system and practical applications.
      • Aroma recognition and training practice: development of olfactory sensitivity and identification of specific aromas.
      • Toxicology of essential oils: evaluation of the safety of essential oils. Possible risks and precautions in use.
      • Obligations for the marketing of essential oils: legal requirements, labeling and presentation, responsibilities of the manufacturer and the seller or professional.
      • Practice: Labeling and application of regulations (example, massage oil)

        May 19, 2024

        • Olfactory families, composition of the olfactory pyramid and identification of olfactory notes in perfumery.
        • Preparation of aromas or fragrances: introduction to the art of perfumery, selection of materials and essential oils and formulation.
        • How to identify personal olfactory preferences?
        • Practice: step by step in creating your perfume or comfort aroma.
        • Tips and tricks to achieve the desired result.

          Until May 14, 2024. Maximum 20 students. Applications will be submitted to any Official Registry of the Community Board of Castilla La Mancha.

          Once registered, please send scans to the e-mail: so that CERSYRA can contact the students and the registration process can continue.

          Consult the official poster: "Aromatherapy Course" Poster

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