Curso de elaboración de velas aromáticas y naturales (con contenido de economía circular)

Aromatic and natural candle making course (with circular economy content)


It is a face-to-face and mainly practical workshop. We will learn to:

  • The process of making natural candles by pouring, as well as the different raw materials needed depending on the type of candle and the precise concentrations in each case: types of waxes, important additives, essential oils or aromas, colors, wicks, etc.
  • The process of making circular economy candles with recycled oil. We will learn how to filter it, deodorize it, bleach it and prepare it to avoid rancidity.
  • The process of making aromatic wax chocolates or soy melts. We will know the differences of the different types of waxes, melting points and types of burners or melters. In this part of the course, we will also learn to see how the essences and colors behave in the production of wax products.

The student will take home

  • A natural scented candle poured into a glass. It will be poured into a ceramic jewelery glass, designed specifically for this course and which will become a "refillable" or "reusable" candle, thus contributing an additional grain of sand in caring for the environment through this initiative of circular economy.
  • An oil candle in a glass glass with citronella essential oil (to repel mosquitoes) or eucalyptus essential oil (to purify and refresh the environment), depending on preferences in each case.
  • A set of aromatic low melting soy wax chocolates with the essential oils, colors and herbal decoration of choice.

Note: products valued at 25 euros.

Natural sail course


  • Raw materials to make natural candles: waxes, additives, essential oils, dyes, decoration, wicks, etc.
  • Necessary utensils: molds, containers, rods, thermometer, wick holder, jugs, etc.
  • Elaboration of natural candles by pouring into a mould. Preparation, elaboration and correction of failures. Main tips to have the candles you want.
  • Practice: Elaboration of a natural aromatic candle with essential oils in a stoneware glass.
  • Elaboration of natural candles with recycled oil. Oil treatment (filtering, deodorization, bleaching and conservation). Usual uses of this type of candles.
  • Practice: Elaboration of a natural candle with recycled oil in a glass and essential oils to choose according to its use (citronella or eucalyptus).
  • Preparation of aromatic wax chocolates or soy melts . Theory of the behavior of color and aromas.
  • Practice: Preparation of soy melts with different colors and aromas.
Natural sail course


  • We will address technical concepts and, above all, we will put what we have learned into practice.
  • We will use raw material and preparations that can be easily reproduced at home.
  • It will be a small group, so we can all put into practice the concepts acquired.
  • We will deliver printed, clear and practical information to reproduce or modify the elaborations of the course.
  • The course includes everything necessary for its realization: documentation, raw material and utensils for the elaboration.
  • Course registration: €60.
What you should bring to the workshop
  • FFP2 mask.
  • Long-sleeved clothing that covers the arms, that you don't mind getting stained or splashed.
  • Very eager to learn and have fun.
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