Curso de elaboración de velas navideñas

Christmas candle making course

State: Already done!
Modality: face-to-face
  • Paolo Usseglio
  • Esther Alvarez
  • November 25, 2022
  • 6:00 to 8:30 p.m.
Price: Free
Number of students: 10 students
Location: Library of Castilla La Mancha (Toledo)



This is a face-to-face, very practical and fun workshop in which we will learn:

  • The basic concepts for making natural candles by pouring, as well as the different raw materials needed: types of waxes, important additives, essential oils or aromas, colors, wicks, etc.
  • The process of making circular economy candles with recycled oil.

What you will take home:

  • A natural aromatic Christmas candle made using the pour-in-glass technique. You can bring a reused glass jar that you like. But if you don't have one, don't worry, we'll give you one.
  • An oil candle in a glass glass with eucalyptus essential oil to purify and refresh the home environment.

What is the content, what will we do and what utensils will we use?

  • Information sheet on the raw materials used to make natural candles: waxes, additives, essential oils, dyes, decoration, wicks, etc.
  • Necessary utensils: molds, containers, rods, thermometer, wick holder, jugs, etc.
  • Sheets for the production of natural candles by pouring into a mould.
  • Practice: Making a natural aromatic Christmas candle
  • Sheets for making natural candles with recycled oil. Usual uses of this type of candles.
  • Guide for cleaning and deodorizing recycled oil.
  • Practice: Making a natural candle with recycled oil in a glass with eucalyptus essential oil.

What you should know about this course:

  • We will address technical concepts and, above all, we will put what we have learned into practice.
  • We will use raw material and preparations that can be easily reproduced at home.
  • It will be a small group, so we can all put into practice the concepts acquired.
  • We will deliver printed, clear and practical information to reproduce or modify the elaborations of the workshop.
  • The course includes everything necessary for its realization: documentation, raw material and utensils for the elaboration.

What you have to bring:

  • FFP2 mask.
  • Long-sleeved clothing that covers the arms, that you don't mind getting stained or splashed.
  • Very eager to learn and have fun.

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