Curso gratuito de cosmética natural: desde la teoría hasta la práctica

Free course. Natural cosmetics: from theory to practice


Immerse yourself in the exciting world of natural cosmetics with our course designed for restless and enterprising people.

You will learn from the basic concepts of natural cosmetics to the formulation and marketing of your own products. Explore the structure and functions of the skin, cosmetic raw materials, phytocosmetics and formulation techniques. With interactive practices, you will learn the tools necessary to develop safe, high-quality products.

Natural cosmetics laboratory

Master the art of formulating anhydrous and aqueous products, as well as making natural emulsions. Understands the importance of the stability and conservation of cosmetic products, together with European and Spanish regulations and Good Manufacturing Practices.

Additionally, you will explore options for entrepreneurship in the natural cosmetics sector, including product notification to the CPNP.

Get ready to turn your passion for natural cosmetics into a unique project.

IVICAM, Regional Institute for Agri-Food and Forestry Research and Development of Castilla La Mancha (IRIAF)


May 27, 2024

  • Introduction to natural cosmetics, what is and what is not cosmetics?
  • The skin: structure, functions and types of skin.
  • Cosmetic raw materials, types, extraction and conservation techniques, traceability, certifications and other aspects of interest.
  • Phytocosmetics: extracts and active ingredients.
  • Practice: Use of the COSING tool and other platforms.
  • Cosmetic forms. Types, formulation and main characteristics.
  • Practice: Understanding the framework formulations of the CPNP.

    May 28, 2024

    • Formulation of anhydrous products. Characteristics.
    • Solutions, ointments, balms and solids.
    • Variants according to function and application.
    • Formulation of aqueous products. Types, characteristics and important aspects.
    • Solvents, humectants and solubilizers.
    • Practice: Preparation of an anhydrous product.
    • Stability and conservation. The cosmetic product dossier.
    • Safety and essential oils. IFRA.
    • Practice: Preparation of an aqueous product.

      May 29, 2024

      • Formulation of emulsions. What are they and what type are there?
      • O/W and W/O emulsions. Features and differences.
      • Emulsifiers, co-emulsifiers and stabilizers.
      • Elaboration process. Important aspects and possible errors.
      • Practice: Preparation of a natural emulsion.
      • European and Spanish cosmetic regulations. Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
      • Requirements for the marketing of a cosmetic.
      • Options to undertake in natural cosmetics.
      • Practice: Notification to the CPNP of a cosmetic product.

        Until May 20, 2024. Maximum 20 students.

        1. Fill out the application that you can download here ( Application ).
        2. Once completed and signed, it must be sent by ordinary mail, along with a photocopy of the DNI, to:

        Ctra Toledo-Albacete, s/n
        13700 TOMELLOSO -Ciudad Real-

        More information: telephone 926 50 80 60 and email:

        Consult the official poster: Course poster

        Modality: In person
        Teachers: La Marihuela technical staff

        May 27, 28 and 29, 2024

          Price: Free
          Number of students: 20 students
          Location: IVICAM. Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Rural Development. Highway from Toledo to Albacete, s/n (Tomelloso)
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