Regalos para la salud. Elaboración de bálsamos y ungüentos naturales

Gifts for health. Elaboration of balms and natural ointments


In this workshop you will learn how to make your own ointments, butters and lip balms. You will learn about the necessary raw materials (vegetable oils, beeswax and vegetable waxes, additives, etc.), their properties, their treatment and their conservation. We will take a tour of the most used oil extracts and those that you can make with local plants.

We will carry out the preparation of three formulas: a butter, an ointment and a lip balm, and we will analyze other possible preparations so that you can make them at home. The elaborations can be with beeswax or with vegetable waxes, for those who want a vegan option.

Includes: Documentation with tips and formulations, manufacturing materials and tools. Each student will also take their own creations!

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