Taller de aromaterapia práctica (con bases científicas)

Practical aromatherapy workshop (with scientific bases)

It is a face-to-face workshop with technical and practical content. We will learn to:

  • Know what aromatherapy is and the different interpretations of this term.
  • We will know what essential oils are, and the reason for their aroma, as well as the active principles linked to them.
  • How to use essential oils safely.
  • How to make two simple and homemade preparations.

The student will take home

  • The technical documentation from the workshop
  • Two preparations made in the course, with the essential oils of your choice.


  • What is aromatherapy?
  • Why does an essential oil has an aroma?
  • Dialectic and interpretations.
  • Scientific evidence of the practice of aromatherapy.
  • Aromatherapy vs traditional use of essential oils.
  • Aromas and stimulation of senses.
  • Safe use of essential oils.
  • Practice 1: preparation of a massage oil with essential oils.
  • Practice 2: preparation of an aromatic chocolate ( soy melt ) with a high concentration of essential oils.


  • We will address technical concepts and, above all, we will put what we have learned into practice.
  • We will use raw material and preparations that can be easily reproduced at home.
  • It will be a small group, so we can all put into practice the concepts acquired.
  • We will deliver printed, clear and practical information to reproduce or modify the elaborations of the course.
  • The course includes everything necessary for its realization: documentation, raw material and utensils for the elaboration.
  • Course registration: €35.
What you should bring to the workshop
  • FFP2 mask.
  • Very eager to learn and have fun.

Contact information

  • WhatsApp: 608 25 36 15
  • Email: hola@lamarihuela.es
  • Instagram: @lamarihuela
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