Taller de jabón natural con aceite reciclado y jabón decorativo

Natural soap workshop with recycled oil and decorative soap


In this intensive and face-to-face workshop we will learn to:

  • Make natural soap with recycled oil, not only for making household cleaning products, but also for making toilet soap. For this, the cleaning and deodorization processes of the oil will be explained, as well as the techniques of adding new oil to the over-greasing to care for the skin.
  • Prepare natural soaps with different vegetable oils, working on decorative techniques with natural pigments. We will also work with essential oils from Castilla La Mancha to give aroma and provide properties to the soap.

The student will take home:

  • A natural toilet soap with a rustic design with two colors and decorated with a dried plant.
  • A natural soap enriched with white clay and locally produced organic lavender essential oil. Which we will elaborate with a decorative technique in which we will use pigments of mineral and natural origin.
  • A natural soap enriched with a synergy of Castilian Manchego essential oils, based on knowledge of the region's ethnobotany. This soap will be in the shape of a stone and will be decorated with natural oxides that will give it the color of the landscape of the Montes de Toledo.
  • A handmade soap dish from Alhaja Cerámica, which, together with the elaborate soaps, will be the center of attention in your bathroom. It can also be a perfect gift for a special person.

natural soaps

  • What is natural soap? Understanding chemistry.
  • Formulation of natural saponified soaps.
  • Treatment of recycled oil for use in natural soaps.
  • Preparation of a toilet soap with rustic decoration techniques.
  • Elaboration of a traditional lavender soap with current decorative techniques.
  • Preparation of a soapstone with a synergistic mixture of essential oils from Castilla La Mancha.
  • We will address technical concepts, but above all, we will put what we have learned into practice.
  • We will use raw material and preparations to be able to take care of ourselves in a simple and effective way at home.
  • It will be a small group, so we can all put into practice the concepts acquired.
  • We will deliver printed, clear and practical information, to reproduce without problems the elaborations of the workshop.
  • The course includes everything necessary for its completion: documentation, raw material and safety equipment per student.
  • Course registration: €60.
What you should bring to the workshop
  • FP2 mask.
  • Long-sleeved clothing that covers the arms, that you don't mind getting stained or splashed.
  • Very eager to learn and have fun.
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