Laboratorio de La Marihuela

La Marihuela has been supported by the General Directorate of Tourism, Commerce and Crafts of Castilla La Mancha

The years 2020 and 2021 have been especially difficult for small producers and artisans. However, these are moments in which innovation and renewal must be committed. These are moments when you have to believe more than ever in the mission and vision with which the project was born.

Today it is not possible to think about the future without thinking about digital transformation, electronic commerce, innovation and productive improvement, as well as the visibility of the sector. It is key to show a renewed artisan sector, according to the needs of these times, combining traditional values, techniques and arts that make it so characteristic, with new functional and innovative ideas that surprise society.

At La Marihuela we constantly renew ourselves, and this year, we have developed a project for digital transformation, innovation and improvement of productive capacity thanks to the help of the General Directorate of Tourism, Commerce and Crafts of the Ministry of Economy, Business and Employment of the Junta de Comunidades de Castilla La Mancha , through the aid program for the promotion of productive and commercial activity and the digitization of the artisan sector, in the face of the COVID-19 crisis . We have also developed visibility activities for the artisan sector in digital media.

Thanks to this program we have been able to improve the control and safety processes of the laboratory through digitization , further improving the processes that make our products safe for the end user. We have also been able to address the investments that have allowed us to innovate , thanks to which we have developed new natural hygiene products based on local raw materials and which are inspired by botanical species from Castilla La Mancha .

We believe in natural, effective, functional, simple cosmetics and hygiene adapted to people.

We do not forget our mission: "Help take care of yourself with natural, fresh and local products that respect the environment and favor small producers ". This is the engine that moves us and with which we will continue to invest in you and in our environment.




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