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La Marihuela has been supported by the Board of Communities of Castilla La Mancha

La Marihuela is an organization committed to research, development, innovation and continuous improvement . These fundamental pillars are the foundation on which our project is built and allow us to offer our customers high-quality products and services.

Since our inception, we have devoted significant resources to the research and development of new technologies and innovative solutions. This has allowed us to be at the forefront of our sector and offer our clients products and services that adapt to their needs and help them improve their lives, all while respecting the environment and contributing to the local economy .

In addition to research and development, we also strive to continuously improve our processes and their sustainability. We are committed to the responsible production, excellence and safety of our products.

All this leads us to a constant renewal, in which activities related to the digitization of processes (seeking a zero waste organization) are common, with the promotion of the visibility of the artisan sector (valuing local artisans and producers ) and with the investment both in infrastructures and in the latest generation equipment and tooling (for the improvement of production and for the development of R+D+i projects).

During the year 2022, La Marihuela has been supported in carrying out these activities by the General Directorate of Tourism, Commerce and Crafts of the Ministry of Economy, Business and Employment of the Junta de Comunidades de Castilla La Mancha, through the program of Aid for the promotion of productive and commercial activity and the digitization of the artisan sector, in the face of the COVID-19 crisis.

Thanks to this support, we have been able to improve the laboratory's traceability and safety processes through digitalization, the optimization of production processes and the automation of documentary processes. We have also improved our capabilities in terms of infrastructure and technical equipment. And we have also been able to grow in presence both on the internet and in seasonal events for the promotion of crafts.

One of the most significant results, as a product, of the work carried out this year by the La Marihuela team, has been the development of the Tierra y Ládano aroma, which has obtained the first prize for crafts in Castilla La Mancha. This project has been carried out in collaboration with Alhaja Cerámica , under the title of Jara Kado.

Jara Kado
Jara Kado, First prize for crafts from Castilla La Mancha 2022. Aroma "Earth and laudanum" from La Marihuela

Always remembering our mission: "Help take care of yourself with natural, fresh and local products that respect the environment and favor small producers ". This is the engine that moves us and with which we will continue to invest in you and in our environment.

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