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La Marihuela says goodbye to the year reaping the fruits of its investment in innovation

In 2023 at La Marihuela we have gone one step further in our commitment to the environment and innovation, making one of the most significant investments of the brand: the creation of a new laboratory that allows us to carry out the production processes in a more efficient and environmentally friendly way. This milestone not only boosts production, but also reinforces the brand's commitment to sustainability and innovation in the heart of Castilla La Mancha.

Renovated Laboratory, Sustainable Energy

The new facilities at the La Marihuela laboratory not only mark a leap in capacity, but also incorporate advanced technologies to improve energy efficiency. These advances not only reduce the environmental impact of production, but also reflect La Marihuela's commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

Freshness and Innovation in Each Product

La Marihuela is proud to introduce innovative processes in the manufacturing of natural cosmetics, using fresh ingredients to enhance the quality and benefits of each product. This evolution ensures that each item is not only a pleasure for the senses, but also a genuine wellness experience.

The Digital Revolution

As part of its focus on modernization, La Marihuela has launched a new website, designed to offer an exceptional user experience. Improvements in e-commerce capabilities allow customers to explore and purchase products more easily, strengthening the connection between the brand and its followers.

Investments in the Artisan Community

La Marihuela has not only invested in its internal infrastructure, but has also allocated considerable resources to promote and disseminate artisan excellence in the region. Promotional campaigns, both online and offline, are underway to highlight the unique beauty and quality of Castilla La Mancha's artisan products.

Thanks to the General Directorate of Tourism, Commerce and Crafts

This exciting project would not have been possible without the support of the General Directorate of Tourism, Commerce and Crafts of the Community Board of Castilla La Mancha. La Marihuela sincerely appreciates the vision and support of this entity, which has provided valuable help within the framework of initiatives aimed at the digitalization and promotion of the local artisan sector.

A Bright Future

With these strategic investments and continued community support, La Marihuela embarks on an exciting journey toward a future of innovation, sustainability, and commitment to artisanal authenticity. The brand is ready to delight its customers with even more extraordinary products, grown with care and delivered with love from the heart of Castilla La Mancha. Join La Marihuela in this exciting chapter of its history!

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