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Dosing ball for granulated soap

Dosing ball for granulated soap

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Soap dispenser ball that allows the soap to dissolve and distribute evenly in the washing machine drum:

1. Improves the dissolution and distribution of soap.
2. It makes the soap more effective.
3. Reduce the amount of soap needed

In this way, we optimize the use of soap. Made of biodegradable material in case it is discarded in the future.

Suitable for vegans.

Product description

How to use it:

  • Add the necessary amount of soap according to the manufacturer's instructions. If using La Marihuela soap, you won't need more than a spoon.
  • Introduce directly into the drum of the washing machine.
  • Use the selected washing program without prewash.

It is advisable to use the minimum recommended amounts of soap and gradually increase until the desired result is obtained. In this way you will save soap, energy and water.

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Made with biodegradable plant-based resins.

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