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Zero Waste Shower Pack (Aleppo Soap + Solid Matting Shampoo)

Zero Waste Shower Pack (Aleppo Soap + Solid Matting Shampoo)

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This pack of personal hygiene products is perfect for those looking for a natural and healthy alternative for their daily care.

Contains a natural soap for the shower to choose between Castilla or Aleppo. Both are made with olive oil from the Montes de Toledo. They will gently cleanse your skin and keep it hydrated and soft to the touch.

In addition, the sisal bag is an ideal complement to soap, since it not only helps to lather, but also allows you to use every last piece of soap, reducing waste and increasing its durability.

The solid shampoo will leave your hair clean and nourished without damaging it, thanks to its natural ingredients and its mild formula. You will only have to choose the most suitable for your hair.

Buy this pack today and enjoy a natural and healthy personal hygiene experience!

Product description

Options for the soap

  • Castille soap: natural soap made in the traditional way using only locally sourced Bio virgin extra olive oil
  • Aleppo soap: Soap mode in the traditional way using only locally sourced Bio virgin extra olive oil, and Bio bay berry oil.

Options for the shampoo

  • Nettle and rosemary soap: for dry or normal hair, made with green nettle, and rosemary and orange essential oils. Perfect for short hair, dandruff or fine, straight hair. 
  • Hibiscus shampoo: For damaged and dry hair, made with panthenol, wheat germ oil, hibiscus, tangerine essential oil. Appropriate for curly method.
  • Indigo shampoo: for blonde or white hair, or hair lacking shine. Made with natural indigo, and orange essential oil, appropriate for curly method.

Otra información de interés

It comes in a biodegradable and compostable kraft box, FSC certified.

Inside, the products are protected with kraft paper shavings and collected in a delicate white manila paper sheet.

It will also contain an explanatory card and will be decorated with a rattan ribbon and a local product sticker - an impeccable gift!


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