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Handmade soap dish in enameled stoneware by Alhaja Cerámica

Handmade soap dish in enameled stoneware by Alhaja Cerámica

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Stoneware soap dish with a careful design and enameled with natural oxides. Rustic but casual looking. Made with the genius and art of the hands of the potter María Camisón de Alhaja Cerámica (Toledo).

It is the perfect complement for the bathroom of those of us who use solid hygiene products with zero waste.

Each soap dish is unique: its manufacturing process is completely handmade and each soap dish is manufactured without molds and without mass processes.

Artisanal product made 100% by hand. Unique and exclusive design.

Product description

Maria Camison

María Camisón is an artisan who pours out and expresses her creativity through her hands, giving shape and color to the works that come out of her ceramic workshop. Maria gives life and value to one of the oldest forms of crafts in the world.

Her skill with the lathe , her commitment to innovation and his dedication to research materials and techniques . Her pottery, modern and Innovative, touches your soul in a subtle and welcoming way.

Choose one of the five models that Alhaja ceramica has designed for you!

Otra información de interés

Its decoration with mineral oxides makes these exclusive soap dishes, which highlight the beauty of simplicity in a place as intimate as the bathroom. Ideal for the dressing table or the sink.

Thanks to this soap dish you will be able to:

  • Leave the soap or cleanser to dry once you have used it. This way it will last much longer.
  • Keep the bar away from the countertop or other objects, so that they do not get dirty (each other) and retain their properties.
  • Decorate and make your personal space more beautiful and pleasant. There is no better companion for a natural soap than a handmade soap dish.

Long lasting, water resistant.


Glazed stoneware with mineral oxides.

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