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Natural stain remover soap rock

Natural stain remover soap rock

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Natural coconut stain remover soap rock for hand washing or for a pre-wash treatment of clothes with difficult stains. It is very effective with a wide variety of types of stains, especially with grease or scratches. More effective than many of its synthetic counterparts. Long lasting pill.

Perfect for reusable makeup remover wipes, underwear, cloth pads, sweat stains, food scraps, scratches, etc.

This rock is only natural soap and natural active ingredients: no phosphates, no enzymes, no dyes, no perfumes, no allergens... only good results.

Vegan product.

Product description

Demonstrative video with grease stains of more than 48 hours on a cotton cloth:

Otra información de interés

Coconut soap is a product known for its high cleaning capacity. It has almost disappeared because it has been replaced by other synthetic products of lower cost that are mass-produced and polluting. It is undoubtedly a natural alternative for a toxic-free home.

In addition, at La Marihuela we manufacture this rock only with raw materials of natural origin, in an artisanal and sustainable way, with a scientific formulation in which we do not use substances that have a negative impact on the environment.

We also do not use packaging (only recycled and recyclable paper), nor do we use raw materials related to deforestation (such as palm oil), and we make them as concentrated as possible to save space and price, and we always give the necessary indications so that you know what dosage is needed for the sake of your pocket and energy savings.


Sodium cocoate, Sodium carbonate, Sodium hydroxyde. 100% natural soap and natural active ingredients.

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