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Natural and vegan Vaseline - Protect and nourish your skin with natural ingredients.

Natural and vegan Vaseline - Protect and nourish your skin with natural ingredients.

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Natural vaseline is the fast-absorbing protective balm you need for the daily care of your skin. With ingredients of natural origin, it is the best alternative to traditional Vaseline derived from petroleum. In addition, this Vaseline is nutritious and emollient, and suitable for vegans.

Protect your skin and lips from dehydration thanks to its thin protective layer. Natural Vaseline also nourishes your skin with its natural oils. It is perfect for the care of sensitive skin and as a powerful natural emollient without allergens.

Are you looking for a solution to heal wounds, repair dry skin and chapped lips, or to soothe itching and redness? Natural Vaseline is the answer. In addition, it softens hyperkeratosis and helps in the recovery of the skin after exfoliation or tattoo processes.

No perfumes, no allergens, no silicones. vegan

Product description

Star ingredients:

  1. Shea butter and fractionated coconut oil help combat dry skin thanks to its great hydration capacity. They also soothe, soften, revitalize and improve its elasticity.
  2. Candelilla wax provides nutrition and protection to the skin.

It comes in containers of 10 ml (in an aluminum can to carry in the bag), 50 ml (in a glass bottle for moderate use) and 100 ml (in an aluminum can for regular body use).

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