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Fucus Seaweed Powder Cosmetic Grade

Fucus Seaweed Powder Cosmetic Grade

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Fucus seaweed powder cosmetic grade.

Fucus seaweed has innumerable properties, among which its anti-cellulite power, its draining effect and the improvement of circulation in general stand out. Another benefit of this seaweed is that it helps to maintain the elasticity of the skin.

Product suitable for vegans, frequent use and for sensitive and fragile skin.

Product description

Fucus seaweed has a large amount of trace elements and minerals, such as iodine, sodium, silica or calcium, which enrich cosmetic preparations with remineralizing, draining, modeling, and anti-cellulite qualities, not only microcirculation but also tonicity.

It also provides other benefits such as emollience and nutrition for the skin.


  • Very beneficial for the skin. It has draining properties, so its use helps improve circulation, combats cellulite and orange peel skin.
  • Hydration. Fucus seaweed provides protection to the skin that prevents dehydration, as well as hydrating it and favoring its elasticity.
  • Helps eliminate toxins and reduce localized fat, especially in the thigh area.

    Otra información de interés

    Some uses:

    Poultice: Bladderwrack seaweed powder is mixed with water until a homogeneous mass is obtained. It is applied on the desired areas, for example, buttocks or thighs and left to act for a few minutes. Then rinse with plenty of water.

    Massage oils: Bladderwrack seaweed is macerated in a vegetable oil, which can be almond oil for direct use as a massage oil, or sunflower oil for subsequent mixing with another vegetable oil for massage.

    Masks or Poultice with clay:

    Bladderwrack seaweed powder is mixed with the appropriate clay for the type of application desired. It is common to use green clay or bentonite for body or sebum-regulating applications, and white clay for facial applications with a draining effect.
    You can also incorporate other active ingredients such as other powdered plants, vegetable oils in small quantities or a few drops of an essential oil that is suitable for your application. If it is desired to add an essential oil to the mask or wrap, it is desirable to do so accompanied by a small amount of oil or solubilizer for better integration.
    Once all the ingredients have been chosen, the chosen clays, active ingredients and plant powders are mixed in a suitable container.
    Water or a hydrolat is added while mixing to obtain a smooth and creamy paste.
    It is applied to the desired area of the body and left to act for a few minutes. Afterwards, it should be rinsed with plenty of water.

    What you should know: The prepared mask or wraps are not preserved, it should be applied after preparation. It is advisable to do a test before applying any preparation to check for unwanted reactions.


    Fucus vesiculosus

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