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Luffa scourer (flexible) tableware and surfaces

Luffa scourer (flexible) tableware and surfaces

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This luffa sponge is 100% biodegradable and compostable and is made up of different layers of vegetable fiber.

It is an ecological alternative to traditional scourers (made with synthetic fibers that leave residue on dishes and surfaces).

It is perfect for cleaning dishes and surfaces in the house, since it is not a hard scourer and because it is flexible thanks to its layered structure. It does not scratch surfaces, whether they are pans, pots, glass, ceramics or other surfaces. When it comes into contact with water, it increases in size and becomes soft and very manageable.

Handmade product sewn by hand with 100% cotton thread. Product and packaging 100% Biodegradable. vegan.

Product description


Its use and maintenance is very simple:

  • It should be rinsed after each use, drained and allowed to air dry. For this you can use the included sisal cord.
  • It should be stored in a dry place or simply left hanging.
  • You can wash it in the washing machine at 30ºC.
  • From time to time they can be boiled for 15 seconds to kill bacteria.
  • When it changes color or begins to produce an odor it can be composted.

Approximate dimensions: 13 x 6 x 3.5 cm.

Otra información de interés

These scourers are made by hand in Spain (Galicia). The luffa is cultivated thanks to an agroforestry project to revitalize the natural cultivation of loofah.


Luffa and organic cotton thread.

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