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Circular economy jute toiletry bag

Circular economy jute toiletry bag

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Jute and Gingham fabric (or cotton) cosmetic bag from circular economy, made entirely by hand in Los Montes de Toledo.

It is a wide-mouthed toiletry bag that makes it easy to use on a day-to-day basis. It has a very original design inspired by the origami technique, so that it is made in one piece, thus avoiding waste of fabric.

One of its main characteristics is its functional design both for daily use and for transporting and traveling.

Circular economy product. Made with local raw materials. suitable for vegans

Product description

It is made with fabrics traditionally used in the Castilian-Manchego countryside:

  • Outside: Burlap fabric is widely used to package both seeds and products that require ventilation, and has traditionally been used to store or transport products of a different nature, including personal belongings.
  • Cotton is generally used in the kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms, and vichy fabrics for dressing gowns, babys and other household applications. These two fabrics constitute the maximum expression of the domestic circular economy applied to textiles, since they were reused over and over again, becoming aprons, curtains, bread or fruit bags, or bags for personal utensils.

This toiletry bag is an example of the circular economy projects of La Marihuela, in which the interior is made with surplus textiles from companies in the region.

It is the best accessory to accompany La Marihuela products, where the design, the method of preparation and the materials we use are chosen with great care and care. Even the materials that are not from the circular economy are purchased in small haberdashery stores in the region.

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