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Luffa discs for facial peeling (3 units)

Luffa discs for facial peeling (3 units)

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3 luffa discs for facial peeling of approximately 7 cm each. A simple method of exfoliation, sustainable and 0% waste.

Handmade product sewn by hand with 100% cotton thread. Product and packaging 100% Biodegradable.

Eliminates blackheads and reduces excess fat, among many other properties. The duration of the sponge is 4-6 months depending on its use.

Product suitable for vegans.

Product description


They are an ecological alternative to traditional sponges (made with synthetic or cellulose fibers) and sea sponges (which are animals that are part of the marine ecosystem).

Its use and maintenance is very simple:

  1. They are moistened with water to use them and when finished they are rinsed and left to dry.
  2. From time to time they can be boiled for 15 seconds to kill bacteria.
  3. When it changes color or begins to produce an odor it can be composted.

Suitable for vegans.

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Luffa and organic cotton thread.

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