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Candle wick holder

Candle wick holder

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Do you want to make candles naturally and with professional finishes? We have the perfect utensil for you! Our silver stainless steel candle wick holder is the ideal tool to keep your candle wicks centered for perfect results.

This tool is especially useful for making handmade candles, as it allows the wick to stay in place during the creation process. This way, you can create professional looking, consistent candles without worrying about wick position.

Our candle wick holder is made of high quality stainless steel, which guarantees its durability and resistance. In addition, its silver design gives it an elegant and sophisticated look that will perfectly match your work materials.

Don't wait any longer and get our silver stainless steel candle wick holder right now. It will be the great help you need to make your natural candles and surprise everyone with your creations!

Product description

Three sizes so that it adapts perfectly to the container. It allows the manufacture of single or double wick candles, it has three perforations to hold several wicks at the same time.

Format. The three sizes it fits are:

  • 6.3 cm diameter.
  • 7.5cm diameter.
  • 8.5cm diameter.


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Stainless steel

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